WELCOME to Stor-Elvdal
Glomma is one of Norway’s best inland fishing rivers. Every year a large number of sport fishermen from all over Europe visit the river in search of exciting fishing- and nature- experiences. Glomma holds a lot of fish, and it is possible to catch rather large fish. Here you can find great a variety, from silent, deep pools to smaller runs and waterfalls. The riverbed is mostly easy to wade and well suited for fly-fishing. In Glomma you find species like trout, grayling, pike and gwyniad. In nearby lakes and small pounds you find trout, perch and a few holding char.

Fishing cards for the whole of Stor-Elvdal are sold at most camping sites, gas stations and sports shops in Stor-Elvdal and Åmot. The card covers a river length of 80 km in Glomma from Atna up north to Hovda down south. In addition the card cover many small lakes, pond and rivers. These are described on the card.

Buy a fishing card for a reasonable price and try your luck in our waters.

Velkommen til en av Norges beste fiskeelver